Experience Favignana in Egadi Islands

avignana is the largest among Egadi Islands, the most populated, and the closest to Trapani. It is also the one that most offer you different types of scenes: from the sandy sea-bottoms of Cala Azzurra, to the rocky sea bottoms of Cala Rossa and Bue Marino; from the fully equipped beaches of Lido Burrone to the wilder beaches with pebbles of Faraglioni and Punta Sottile. To not mention the many inlets and small creeks that you will be able to discover visiting the island.


The island, with its changing landscape, can satisfy everybody: those who love relax under the sun, those who love diving, or those who love deep water and rocky promontories. 


Our island and its enchanting crystal clear water are definitively rich in history. Arriving at the harbor, you will immediately see the massive tuna cannery (Tonnara) built by Ignazio Florio, son of a wealthy industrialist, in XIX century. From 1800 going forward, the Tonnara of Favignana became famous for its spectacular and abundant tuna fishing thanks to which the fishermen were catching the red tuna, one of the most exquisite in all Mediterranean Sea.


Unfortunately now the “mattanza”, ancient way of catching tuna fish but not profitable enough for the global market, is not taking place anymore. However, this ancient tradition is still part of the island thanks to the stories, the faces and memories of the fishermen of the island. The massive and old Tonnara Florio, has been recently renovated together with the elegant art nouveau building built by Ignazio Florio testifying the old splendor of the island.

The highest top in the island reaches 304 m. Those who want to take a walk can go to the Santa Caterina Castle, built under the rule of King Roger I d’Altavilla during the Norman age, and from where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful sight. From that point, the mountain then goes down to the coast offering amazing inlets and creeks.

In front of Favignana, so close that seems to be possible to reach it by swimming, there is another little island: Levanzo. There, it’s possible to visit the beautiful Cala Minnola and Grotta del Genovese, where many pre-historical graffiti have been found.

Marettimo instead, the third island of Egadi, is a little bit farer. In the distance, it’s possible to catch sight of the castle, on top of Punta Troia. The mountain rising steeply from the sea, gives room to a small fishermen village who will make you enjoy many small inlets accessed by boat only. Marettimo is also a paradise for those who love scuba diving.

The province of Trapani is an amazing mix of natural beauty and historical and cultural heritage sites. Surrounded by a crystal-clear water, the province offers its visitors unforgettable summer vacations. But Trapani and its province is not only sea! It’s one of those destinations worth a visit all year round!... [ More ]

Multierice Resorts and Villages

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